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Sarah began teaching yoga in 2006 in the small town of Ichocan, Peru while she was serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Her journey has encompassed multiple yoga trainings and science courses that have led her to be extremely passionate about sharing the Bowspring method. A true practice for everybody, the Bowspring is a dynamic and expansive yoga practice that heals, strengthens and opens the mind, body and heart. Sarah has been a dedicated student and teacher of the Bowspring since its inception in 2012, with full compassion and high levels of respect for the creators of Bowspring: Desi Springer and John Friend.

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Sarah has had a profound effect on the lives of many sharing the Bowspring methodology, and here a few of those happy people...


"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop and your spirit. You are an excellent teacher.

My body had some kind of revelation just from the morning. It is not something I can articulate yet -- and maybe never. All I know is that my body wants more. One thing I think was good for me was the pace in which you moved us. Sometimes I have to repeat in my head what the instructor has said and then find the instructions in my body. I'm a little dyslexic and I have a "refashioned" body after surgery, plus I'm 65, so it was really helpful for me to have the time to let your words sink in.

I can also feel the practice in sore muscles that was unexpected. My calves, abs and the interstitial spaces, of my chest/torso. I also learned, contrary to what I have thought should be true, is that my right side that had the lat moved for my breast reconstruction, is more flexible than the left side that has the lat intact. On my right side I feel the interior scar adhesions -- and other stuff. And while my body feels lopsided I have been working under the assumption that my left side, should be more flexible. And when I reflect on it -- it makes some sense that the lat would restrict movement. Now it seems pretty clear to me that the ribs on my right side have more rom to move, despite the internal scarring."

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