Sridaiva Workshops!

Sculpt Fusion Yoga, Carmel Valley CA - Saturday April 26th
Breath & Body Yoga, Austin TX - June 19-22nd
More to come...

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Yoga Rocks the Park!

June 29th 2014 - Sarah Haughton & Luke Wientzen with Dub Sutra

Vital Yoga Denver CO

It is such a privilege teach and practice in this beautiful space.

Yoga Adventures

Joshua Tree Yoga Adventure September 5-7, 2014

"I have practiced yoga consistently for 7 years and appreciate the benefits of meditation, relaxation, and breathing. However, it wasn't until I was introduced to Sridaiva yoga about 8 months ago that I was able to experience power and strength. With this alignment, which appreciates the natural curves in our spine, I no longer dislike certain poses due to the discomfort they used to bring. After practicing the Sridaiva alignment, my yoga poses feel stable and comfortable. I'm frequently amazed with some of the poses I am now able to hold powerfully. Not to mention, I have recently been complimented several times on my good posture. I feel so blessed to have the opportunities to practice yoga with Sarah. This practice will strengthen both your mind and your body." Karen S.