Since I began solely practicing Sridaiva yoga about 6 months ago I’ve noticed a complete shift in my practice and my life. Sridaiva allows me not only to embrace my feminine energy, but also to feel empowered by it. I use Sridaiva alignment not only in yoga classes, but at the gym, sitting in my car, standing in line, walking and every other area of my life. The workshops with Sarah offer me an opportunity to examine both my internal and external strengths and to take my practice to its maximum potential.”  Dana P.


“After a few years of rigorous ashtanga yoga practice, I experienced frequent sciatic pain. My back was stiff and prone to injury.After a few months of practice with Sarah, Sridaiva yoga changed everything! With only a few months of practice, my back has become so supple; my back pain is gone.  Back bends and bridges are easy. Anjaneyasana and virabhadrasana are more powerful than ever.  And most enjoyable, handstand is no longer a dream!”  Sarah S.


“I have practiced yoga consistently for 7 years and appreciate the benefits of meditation, relaxation, and breathing. However, it wasn’t until I was introduced to Sridaiva yoga about 8 months ago that I was able to experience power and strength. With this alignment, which appreciates the natural curves in our spine,  I no longer dislike certain poses due to the discomfort they used to bring. After practicing the Sridaiva alignment, my yoga poses feel stable and comfortable. I’m frequently amazed with some of the poses I am now able to hold powerfully. Not to mention, I have recently been complimented several times on my good posture. I feel so blessed to have the opportunities to practice yoga with Sarah. This practice will strengthen both your mind and your body.”  Karen S.




Before meeting Sarah I didn’t think yoga was for me but for the past 2 years I have been taking class with Sarah and yoga has become an integral part of my life.  She was my 1st yoga instructor and has guided me through major lower back problems and truly inspired me with every class and I continue to fall in love with the practice of yoga.  From the time she 1st guided me through a beginning class, at my previous corporate job, I have followed her from studio to studio until it seemed we had both found our “home” and “family” at Haute.  -Anonymous 


Sarah brings something special to my practice… it’s like a gentle calm, trust and peace while at the same time she makes it fun and challenges my individual practice.  She seems to have the ability to read and understand each of her students and provides personalized adjustments even during a crowded class.  She truly cares about each of us! – Allison, San Diego, CA


I’ve been going to Sarah’s Yoga sessions for the last three years.  She is highly skilled, motivational and brings a lot of energy as a teacher.   My interest in Yoga started with me being unable to sit cross-legged on the floor for which now hip openers are greatly a part of my routine.  Sarah has enabled me to explore the limits of my hip and lower back, and I can say now that there is a  considerable improvement in my sitting posture.  Every session has unique sequence of poses where she presents me with a new form of detail.   Another important aspect is how well she teaches Anusara Yoga and how to attach emotions and energy into my pose, making me focus longer on what I’m capable of.   Sarah brings a different level of respect to Yoga for me.   She also knows what type of assistance I need and my breathing patterns has improved significantly.   Yoga has changed my life and I feel very honored to have Sarah as my instructor. – Rajesh Premkumar, La Jolla CA


Sarah has been my yoga instructor for 6 months now and I have been really impressed with knowledge, expertise and skill as a teacher. She knows body mechanics very well and is able make specific corrections that are individualized to each student’s body. One particular suggestion she made to me based on how my shoulders rotate (or don’t rotate as the case may be) completely shifted that pose for me. I know am able to do that pose comfortably and without risking injury. My own yoga practice has developed strongly and safely because of the foundation I built as a beginning student with Sarah. That is why I feel confident referring my patients as well to her for help in using yoga to heal past or current injuries and incorporate it into their lifestyle. Consider yourself fortunate when you get the opportunity to work with Sarah – I do. -Dr. Jay, San Diego CA


Throughout my adult life I took yoga classes with over 20 instructors, and Sarah has been the best. Her class both calms and energizes my spirit while challenging my body.  Sarah knows when to correct and assist and how.  She brings a lot of love and respect to the class and the practice, and it shows.  I feel very lucky to have her as my instructor.  -Ron Tamari, San Diego CA


My workout routine is usually made up of running, spin class, free weights, and the occasional yoga or pilates routine every few months. Luckily, Sarah was willing to teach my roommate, a runner also, and I a few yoga classes. Sarah’s routine was perfect for our type of bodies. Since we are both runners our lower backs tend to be very tight. Sarah’s routine’s helped me open up my lower back muscles to really focus on my core muscles, an area I really need to work on to improve my running. She taught the routine very patiently and fully assisted us in achieving the best positions our bodies could handle. Sarah really knows what works best for your body and how far your body can be pushed. At times I have felt yoga didn’t really give me a good enough workout. When I did the routine with Sarah the workout was extremely fulfilling. She made me rethink my workout routine and add more yoga workouts to my lifestyle.  -Mary Beth, NYC

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